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Wood products

Three dimensional carvings can be created in wood cabinet doors, fireplace mantels, accents on bars, wood panels, wood trim, furniture inserts and just about anything made of wood where carvings are desired. We can carve your preferences from libraries of 3D clipart or we can create the graphics from your photographs or from scratch. We can carve into your supplied pieces or we can supply the pieces for you. Any of the examples shown here can be cut into any piece of wood.

The following are only a few examples of what can be done. What can be carved into wood is limited only by your imagination. Contact us to discuss your ideas.

Company Logos, Family Crests, etc. - This is just an example of a crest or logo cut into a raised panel Oak door. It is shown unfinished to highlight the carving work. Imagine greeting your customers with a full 3D company logo carved into a wood panel in your lobby. Imagine your organizational or club crest carved in 3D. Imagine your family crest carved in full 3D. Imagine....


Cabinets - This is an example of a company logo carved in a cabinet. Notice the fine detail in the scroll work. We can achieve amazing detail with our processes.


Scenery - This is a simple example of an outdoor scene carved into an Oak, raised panel door. (Shown unfinished.) It could be your boat anchored in your favorite cove on your fireplace mantel, your corvette on a cabinet door in your garage, your favorite hunting or fishing spot, your favorite travel destination. You are limited only by your imagination.


Complex Artwork - This intricate Celtic weave is shown cut into a Hickory, raised panel door. Again it is shown unfinished to highlight the fine detail. This piece shows the extreme detail that can be achieved using our methods.


Personalized Picture Frame - Standard oak picture framing was carved in three dimensions to personalize a fifth wedding anniversary picture frame. The couple used it to frame a picture of their wedding party. Just about anything made of wood can be personalized or embellished with three dimensional images.


The Verdi Club - This plaque is made of oak and was fully CNC cut in three dimensions. This sign was made to commemorate members that had been there from day one at their 50th anniversary in April 2008. Brass member tags were put on the sign after these pictures. The sign/plaque is about 2 feet wide by about 30" high. (BTW - They can be reached at The Verdi Club)


People and Things We Love - This three dimensional carving in a raised panel, Cherry door was created from a photograph. (Shown unfinished.) It is a good example example of how we can turn your loved ones, your cherished possessions or your passions into works of art in any piece of wood.


Decorations, Embellishments - This three dimensional decoration was taken from a 3D clipart library and cut into an Oak raised panel door. It is shown unfinished to highlight the 3D carving work. Three dimensional decorations and embellishments can be selected from libraries of thousands of 3D clipart or we can custom create the artwork for you from your photograph or from scratch. This work can be done on any piece of wood at any size.


Our Toys and Our Obsessions - This three dimensional relief was cut into a raised panel Oak door and is shown unfinished. Let your imagination go wild. This example is for inspiration only. 55 Reasons Inc. does not have a license to produce copyrighted material.


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