Where ART meets technology.

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55 Reasons Inc.

We create individual, one of a kind art objects in acrylic, wood and metal, based on subject matter that is important to YOU. From a photograph, an image, a sketch or just your ideas, we combine the skills of artisans with high technology to create stunning works of art at affordable prices. We use the latest in computer hardware, software, CNC technologies and old school knowledge, experience and craftsmanship to produce our creations.

What can be carved in acrylic, wood and other materials is limited only by your imagination.
Contact us to discuss your ideas.

Checkout our acrylic pieces. Acrylic Pieces - We create three dimensional, carved acrylic "objet d'art" to commemorate or idolize anyone or anything. They are offered stand alone, on custom bases or on LED light bases. They are brilliant, one-of-a-kind pieces that will attract admiration and envy for years to come.

Checkout our 3D wood carvings. Wood Products - We create three dimensional carvings in wood cabinet doors, fireplace mantel fascias, bars, wood trim and just about anything made of wood where carvings are desired. We can carve your preferences into your supplied pieces or we can supply the pieces for you. Stylized or personalized carvings to adorn anything wood in your home, office or business are now affordable to all.

Checkout our 3D signs. Signs - We create three dimensional signs carved in high density, weatherproof sign foam, hand painted with pride. Everything from small indoor signs to large exterior signs. Attract customers with a custom made, three dimensional sign that leaves a big first impression of your company.

55 Reasons is no longer taking orders. Thank you for your patronage.