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Signs in 3 dimensions

Although there are many signmakers out there, our niche is specializing in three dimensional signs. We have a few different methods we can use to create three dimensional signs. Here are just a few samples of signs created using full 3D CAD and CNC equipment and also dimensional signs created with combinations of CAD masking, sandblasting and carving. We can offer signs made of a variety of materials to suit your needs including high density polyurethane sign foam that is water and weather resistant.

The Naked Fish Market - This is a full three dimensional sign that was CNC cut out of a single piece of high density, polyurathane sign foam. It is about 4 feet wide by 2 feet high. (BTW - This ia a great takeout restaurant in Kingsville, ON. Tell Rob we said Hi! Check them out at The Naked Fish Market)


Performance Fitness & Health - This dimensional sign was created using CAD masks and sandblasting. It is about 2 foot square. (BTW - Check them out at Performance Fitness and Health)


Glenn's Nofrills Grocery Store - This full three dimensional sign was CNC cut in high density polyurathane foam board and hand painted.


Next Dimension Inc. - This custom made acrylic sign is over 6 feet long. The giant sized company logo was carved in 3D in the backside of the acrylic and illuminated in the colors of their logo with LEDs. Click Here to check out our other carved acrylic products illuminated with LEDs. (BTW - Next Dimension Inc. is a top notch IT company. Check them out at Next Dimension Inc.)

55 Reasons Inc. - One of our own signs is a layered dimensional sign made of sign foam using masking and sandblasting techniques. The "55" was CNC cut separately and silver leafed. The sign is about 30" wide by about 20" high.


55 Reasons Inc. - This sign is fully CNC cut in three dimensions from a single piece of sign foam. The sign is about 18" wide by about 12" high.


55 Reasons is no longer taking orders. Thank you for your patronage.